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Kevin's latest book

Shaun and the Uprising have somehow managed to delay the inevitable, but the day of a titanic battle is on the horizon. 

The Apochros do not believe they are strong enough to resist the combined might of the Fystr and the Galactic Empire, so the Uprising must leave the relative safety they have found to recruit more willing souls.

Maybe even cause a little chaos along the way, in true Vakuna fashion.

Every little helps, after all.

Book 1: The beginning of the dark humour Litrpg series.


Does your life suck?

Need a helping hand?


Shaun, a down on his luck couch-potato, sure does.


Early research has shown that being thrown into a fantasy world full of mythical creatures where your very survival is a struggle, will give you a fresh perspective on life. 

Just what Shaun needs right now.


Though fighting trolls and obesity, while unrequited loves burns deep, is a lot harder than it looks!

Unfortunately, it also comes with a side order of apocalypse.


If Shaun can survive long enough, he’ll not only turn his life around, he just might become a real world legend!

Can he really afford not to go all-in?

Out of Anatoli and life is nothing like Shaun and Ember could have ever dreamed.


Hunted by the ancestors of humanity across the darkness of space, their only hope is that the changes they have undergone and the powers they have gained will be enough to keep them alive.

Life will never be the same again, and somehow they need to find a way back to earth…

The misfit crew of the Uprising are in need friends fast, as they battle through a hostile galaxy, moving even further away from Earth.


But there is a plan! 

Grow, train, learn and conquer.

Join Shaun, Ember and their budding crew for the next part of the adventure. 

Audible format coming soon.

When you fight an advanced alien race, you better hope that the enemies of your enemy will be your friend.


Hidden deep within the Dark Sector, the members of Uprising find potential allies. But will their plans align?

Everyone has an agenda, and this new friendship could be more trouble than it’s worth.

Join Shaun and Ember once more, as they battle old enemies and new, deal with dissent among the ranks and attempt to further progress their powers.